Slowly but surely, as I continued to struggle with my low back and leg pain, I noticed that other functions began to decrease in my body also. I was feeling tired more often, lacking energy and eventually motivation, I was becoming ill more often, catching colds at the slightest sign of weather change.

It wasn’t until a year later when a colleague suggested that I see a chiropractor, that I experienced the healing effects of the chiropractic profession. Initially, I began care in order to get control of my pain and return to my active lifestyle. However, I soon discovered that my health improved drastically in ways I hadn’t been aware of previously.

I was so intrigued I went and observed Chiropractors and there I witnessed first-hand the successful philosophy, science and art of Chiropractic care. These experiences lead me to apply to Murdoch University to study Chiropractic.

During my studies, I committed to learning and becoming the best Chiropractor I could be. I gained my Chiropractic degree graduating with distinction, this reflects the passion I have and my commitment to continue learning.

One of the most rewarding experiences during my Chiropractic studies was having the opportunity to travel to India where a small group of Murdoch Chiropractic interns delivered free chiropractic care to the impoverished regions of North East India. This opened my eyes and my heart and deepened my love for Chiropractic.

One of my many goals in life is to integrate myself into a community and educate and provide information on health care and the benefits of Chiropractic. I understand now that to be healthy does not mean to live with an absence of pain or disease, but to be truly healthy is to be functioning at your very best level. I look forward to engaging with you and helping you achieve your optimal health.